Our Team

Meet the Team

Meet our team of caring professionals. Pet care brought to you by people who care.

Why Choose Us

We’re pet owners, too. We know the joy of falling in love with a new pet, the comfort of spending time with faithful friends and the pain of saying that final goodbye. We want to work with you, as partners, to strengthen and enjoy your relationships with your beloved pets.

Erin & Marty

Veterinary Assistant

Erin does the best, quickest nail trims. One of the smiling faces you’ll see at the reception desk, she coordinates our special orders and keeps our calendar up-to-date. She will occasionally take a stray home over the weekend, as long as her cat Chandler doesn’t object.

Lacey & Tansy

Veterinary Assistant

She’s a calming influence on a hectic day and Lacey’s sense of humour makes the clinic a little brighter.

At home, she stays busy tending her pet menagerie which includes cats, dogs, chickens and an African Pygmy hedgehog.


Veterinary Assistant

One of our Northbrook and front desk regulars, Kerisa helps the most nervous dog be a little braver.

When she’s not in the office, you might find her expressing her artistic side painting pet portraits or working with new craft ideas.

Chelsea and Marley


Chelsea has the patience and heart of a teacher.

She’s small but mighty, she’s been here through thick and thin and she’s our catheter goddess.

With her growing family and ‘just one more’ puppy, there’s no such thing as free time right now.

Sam, Illy & Nova


We were so glad to see Sam coming back home from Alberta with her new family, and we know if we ever see Bison, she’s our gal!

A horse girl from Odessa, she’s back in the saddle where her career started with us as a high school student.

Krista and Callie


If cat-herding were a sport, we know who would be the champion. With her organizing skills, Krista could plan a space mission, and we’re so glad she keeps us on track.

She does agility with Callie and rides horses.

Krista also has a soft spot for Yorkies and the occasional clinic cat, but don’t tell anyone!

Jennifer Weeks-Llera and Taylor


A thorough and patient clinician, Dr. Jennifer loves Springers, Aussies and definitely enjoys a good pun.

A ‘down East gal’, Dr. Jennifer can be found at dog agility trials on her time off, when she’s not at the barn with her two horses.

Faye Whyte and Onyx


You might find Dr. Faye dressing a nervous patient in a Thundershirt or using treats to distract a puppy from his injections. She once removed 28 cocktail toothpicks from a dog’s stomach.

She’s also the proud manager of Mojo’s retirement home since 2018.

Heather DeMille and Fluffy Leo


Dr. Heather loves cats. All kinds of cats. She especially can’t resist the urge to hold and cuddle kittens. She’s our go-to gal for orthopedic surgery and ophthalmology.

She also loves Star Wars, Lego and Game of Thrones.



Yvette will try anything, once. She’s always ready to lend a hand and helps to keep this place clean and tidy when she’s in town.

We miss her when she’s away at university, but she visits us regularly.

Robin & Dusty

Reception & Cleaning

She’s super-organized, always cheerful and has great fix-it skills. You might see Robin at the front desk on Saturdays, but making sure everything is ship-shape for the next day’s work is her super power.

When she’s not here, she’s keeping her busy family on schedule and in line.