If you ask Google, there are a lot of kitten supplies checklists, and some of them are daunting!

What does a new kitten need? Here are the basics.

A way to get your little one home – a carrier.

Food and water. Kittens need kitten food, and fresh clean water.

A place to eliminate. Kittens will naturally use a litter box if it’s attractive and easy to find.

A place to sleep. Your little one needs a safe, warm place to rest.

Something to play with. If you don’t provide the toys, kittens will decide what household items to play with.

Now, there is a lot more to cover with each item. For instance, some carriers make a trip to the vet easier for kitty – and I think we all agree a less stressed kitty makes for a happier owner. Stay tuned over the next few weeks as I expand on these cat essentials.

What else would be on your list of kitten essentials?