Manny got used to the cast, but only had his Elizabethan collar (cone) off when there was someone watching him. He was comfortable, and appreciated the chance to groom himself. He stopped trying to chew the cast off.


Why did he have such a tough after surgery time that week?


Well, part of it was kitten character — they are sometimes not sensible about restricting their activity. And at first, he didn’t understand that he needed to cool it.


He was uncomfortable in the kennel, and tried to leave. He was not used to having a leg in a cast so he crashed around a lot. Plus, for such a little guy, the cast has significant weight and he had to learn how to balance with it to stand up.


We believe that one of the drugs in particular ‘aided’ his difficult behaviour. Some medications, particularly the opioids, are very good pain relievers but can also affect behaviour. If this drug reduced his inhibitions or caused hallucinations, that might explain the difficulties we had last week.


He was comfortable within a few days and was able to move around with the cast, and all was forgiven.