Can you believe 2019 is here already? I hope your New Year is filled with fun, fur, smiles and cuddles!

We’ve got big things planned for our little corner of the internet and our little clinic on the corner in Napanee, Ontario.

First of all, I’m going to be sharing stories of my own pets each week here on the blog in the form of  ‘Letters to my Pets’. It’s only fair we start with the first pet I had as an adult, my black cat Max.

I’ll add some other posts as well, as I finish up moving things from the CatSide blog over here, and connect this blog to our ‘official’ web site.

I had a coaching call in December with a generous colleague, Dr. Andy Roark, and he gave me some tasks to do. My plan is to listen to his wisdom, so I’ll be rolling all the CatSide social media into the Richmond Vet Clinic accounts and downsizing so that our efforts can reach people like you.

Dr. Roark’s amazing help meant that some other projects got pushed back. I spent some time in 2018 learning about podcasting and how to do it. I’m working on a veterinary roundtable podcast that is aimed at talking to pet owners. It’s going to be called Beyond the Exam Room (just like the blog), and I’ll keep you updated on progress.

gray and white cat on tire

Photo by Anas Jawed on

We are planning to improve the clinic building as well. It’s a long, drawn out process and some days I feel like a cat in a bottomless basket and other days like a Labrador rolling in the snow, but every day is a gift. The idea of offering better service to you, lower stress visits for your pets and an amazing place for my team to work is the goal.
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