I think this is an important question for the cat lovers we’ll meet here, so I’d better answer.
Cats are inscrutable, delightful, and frustratingly independent. Their playfulness and acrobatic skill is entrancing.
Do they improve our health? Maybe. There have been studies since the 1980’s showing what we would consider positive health effects, such as lower blood pressure, when we are near cats. More recent research questions the long-term benefits, so a clear answer is probably not available.
But that doesn’t matter to me.
I love cats. Their duality — soft and sharp, cuddly and aloof, sleepy and devilish — appeals to my curiosity.
They are lovely pets, and I feel they help me to raise children with a sense of responsibility and compassion.
There’s nothing like the purr of a cat to make a cool day a little warmer.
I couldn’t imagine my life without these furry little creatures darting about and giving orders when the bottom of the food bowl is visible.
And that’s me and cats.
How about you and cats?