Ziggy is a princess.
She has the most beautiful green eyes, a loud purr and she loves to cuddle. She’s bossy and vocal and lives to report on the level of the food bowl.
She is firmly pro-indoors as far as cats go, and will actually observe an open door with a hint of distaste on her face. Because she’s been out there, and she didn’t like it . . .
One summer night a few years ago, in the wee hours of the morning, something woke me. I don’t know whether it was a sound I didn’t register or something I ate or some psychic call from Zig. Something didn’t feel right, and I needed to check the house.
I went out the front door and around to the side of the house. She was on the ground, under the window, calling out to me and trying to climb the stone wall.
I slogged out through the grass and she almost jumped into my arms.
Cats with personalities like Ziggy are the easiest to find if they get outside. She was panicked, but not so much that she tried to hide. She trusted me enough to call out to me, and scared enough to want back inside immediately.
I don’t think she liked getting her feet wet, either.ziggy