This fellow is special. Not only is he incredibly gorgeous, he’s the heart and soul of our little workplace. He goes on vacation occasionally, and it’s never long before his absence is a huge hole in our day.
He likes to go for outings in our backyard area. He may be out for a few minutes alone, but he tends to mow grass and then vomit it, so he is usually supervised.
He sneaks outside when the doors are open. These days, he moseys out to a nearby grassy area, relaxes and takes a whiff of nature while he waits for someone to tote him back in.
One lazy afternoon many years ago, a shock went through the clinic. Mojo couldn’t be found.
Where was Mojo? In a space of twenty minutes, the building was completely searched. Every nook and cranny was exposed and there was no little grey cat. Two staff members were in tears. Others formed a search party and began covering the area outside our building. I think there was trespassing.
He came back a few hours later, meowing at the door and he never took off again. He obviously knows a comfortable situation when he finds it.
We were aware that, in a flash, the cat could disappear.
I’ll tell some stories of my own cats and how they ended up in the wide world, and how I luckily got them back. I’ll also share what we’ve done to prevent another catastrophe.
Do you have a plan? What would you do if your cat got out?