If you have questions about how to look after your cat, or just ‘is this normal’, I have a few suggestions.


Hopefully you have a regular veterinarian who has seen your cat on a regular basis. If so, you can always call for information. I would rather answer a ‘silly’ question than have a cat owner try some google remedy that delays us helping a cat with a serious issue. If something is abnormal, the veterinarian is going to recommend a visit.


If you want to do some surfing first, please be aware of the dangers of ‘Dr. Google’. Just because a web site is popular doesn’t mean it’s giving you accurate information.


For cat health, here are some great sites:


Cat Healthy – general cat health advice, with a Canadian flavour. This site is maintained by cat specialists based in Canada.


Cat Friendly – the American version, maintained by the American Association of Feline Practitioners. These folks are cat specialists, and many of them are involved in research and education about cat health.


Veterinary Partner, Cats – a site set up by the consultants for VIN, the Veterinary Information Network — an independent group dedicated to providing pet health information with nothing for sale and no advertisers to please.


For behaviour questions, Dr. Sophia Yin has a wonderful website, again set up to give pet owners reliable information.