One of the things that determines where and how you might find your lost cat is kitty’s friendliness factor.


There is research ongoing about whether there is a link between coat colour and friendliness (latest research sheds doubt on a direct link).


We do know that domestic cats and their nearest wild cat relatives do have genetic differences that are probably related to domestication and the ability to remain calm inside a home, living with people and dogs.


But each cat also has a unique personality, and you’re the one who knows your cat the best.


Think about these things:


When someone comes to the door, is she a greeter, does she stick to her regular daily routine, or does she hide for hours?


If there is a sudden loud noise, does she startle for a second then go back to her regular activity, or does she head underneath the nearest bed?


When you come home, where is she likely to be?


The answers to these questions give important clues as to how kitty may act if she finds herself suddenly outside and lost. To put it briefly, hiders gonna hide.