The research we talked about last week also found that a physical search increased the likelihood that your lost cat gets found.


And 75% of cats are found within 500 m of their home or point of escape.


How do we use this information to help find your lost cat?


First, do a careful search of your own property and the nearest neighbours.


Knock on doors up to 500 m away, with a flyer to hand out. Put a good photo and your contact information on the flyer.


Check at different times of the day or night. Think about what time of day your cat is most active and try to search at those times (yes, I know 5 am is not practical, but it may be when your cat is most aware).


Keep up this pace for at least a week.


There are lots of great people on the internet who want to help, and they do get found pets home. But talking to your neighbours is still the best way to find your lost cat.