Dear Super Dennis,

We came home one day, because that’s how so many Dennis stories start. You were a great greeter, planting yourself right in the path of anyone who entered the house, and this day was no exception. Except this time, you rustled as you hurried to the door.

Once we got inside, we noticed kleenex and plastic garbage spread around the room on the floor, as if someone had scattered them.

And we immediately knew why:

For some reason, you’d decided it was a good idea to check out the little trash can in the bathroom, where we’d used a grocery store bag as a liner. Apparently, there was a good reason to stick your head through the handle and then fate did the rest.

You didn’t really look all that embarrassed, and you were pleased to have help removing the offending cape. However, we couldn’t help but hesitate long enough to preserve the moment.

Because this wasn’t the only time you did this, we had the experience of watching you rush around the room, plastic bag flapping along your back, debris scattering, as you tried to outpace this plastic trap.

So we went out and got trash cans with lids.