Your new cat needs a place to call her own. When I started searching for ideas for cat beds, one of the google listings was called ‘Cat beds you’ll love’. But let’s concentrate on beds that kitty will love.

Some cats are perfectly content with a slightly raised, soft, open place to sleep — like a spot on our beds. To her, this space is safe, peaceful and has the scent of her favorite folks.

Others will find themselves a spot that seems more cozy and protected.

And there are cats who simply LOVE boxes (have you met Maru?)

In general, kitty would love to have her choice of resting places. Cats like to be able to climb and sit somewhere high to observe the world from a safe distance, especially if your world includes dogs. Something like a cushion at the top of the stairs or on a cupboard can be a great perch. Also, many scratching posts including perch or house features.

It’s also a good idea to make sure kitty has a hideaway. This should be a protected, hidden space where kitty is left alone. Often she will find a padded corner of a closet or space under a bed. Mojo likes to burrow under the covers on the bed, and Ruby prefers a pile of teenager laundry on the heated floor in the bathroom.

Where are your cat’s favorite hideaways?