Kittens need water. Simple, really. But cats can be finicky.

Cats usually prefer fresh water, and they can be picky about taste. Some prefer tap water, some like filtered or cool water.

If your kitten is eating canned food as part of his diet, then he will need much less water. Up to two-thirds of his daily water needs are in the moisture in a canned diet.

The water should be provided in a clean container. Glass, ceramic or metal are better choices to prevent odour or taste build-up on the bowl. Some cats do not like to share a bowl with a dog and his doggy drool. Wash the bowl at least twice a week, to prevent build-up of that slimy stuff (biofilm) on the bowl.

Cats prefer a low-sided bowl with water almost to the top. Like their wild friend in the photo above, they would prefer to keep their whiskers out of a bowl, and to lap the liquid up while keeping a sharp eye out for friends and foes. They don’t actually put their face, or their whole tongue into the liquid.

Researchers at MIT actually looked at the physics of cats drinking. How cool is this?

Now, some cats prefer a dripping tap, but make sure this is something that you can provide on a regular basis. Or, you can use the tap as a way to play, instead of a continuous source of water.