Dear Max,

Initially, baby was interesting, warm, always wrapped in something soft. When she made noise, you just had to take a step back and you were out of range. But then, she started to move. She got fast and agile, and she could fit in almost every little hiding nook you found. Life became a game of hide-and-seek, with you trying to be one step ahead looking for a better hiding place.

You didn’t see any benefits to this young human until you learned about the wonders of the high chair. I think as far as you were concerned, the high chair was the best thing ever invented. It kept the little grubby fingers away and confined to a single place.

You knew where that young human was when she was in ‘the chair’, but it also allowed a smorgasbord of free food to fall to the floor. We saw a lot more of you once you figured out the rules of the high chair. If I remember correctly, you liked chicken. A lot.

You would sometimes climb into bed with the young human when she was deeply asleep, but you preferred the company of adults.

Mostly I recall you took all the changes we imposed upon you with good grace, and you adapted well. As long as we got some cuddle time together regularly, you were happy to be a member of a busy growing family.

What did you teach me when I look back on this time?

  • Cats are always watching, and they can figure out routines.
  • If you allow it, they will choose the level of interaction that makes them comfortable, and that probably leads to a cat with better comfort and lower stress.
  • Again, cats can adjust to huge changes in their household routine and environment, as long as they have some time and some choice in how they interact.