We all know the google effect. The most sensational, most interesting and most visited sites go to the top. But maybe they aren’t the best at giving reliable information, because Google is a popularity (and SEO) contest.

Here are 5 sites that have a lot of helpful and factual information about cat care.
1. The Indoor Pet Initiative Cat Owner Page

This site, from the Ohio State University School of Veterinary Medicine, has a wealth of information on the needs of cats, their behaviour and some great training tips.

2. Cornell Feline Health Center

Another university site dedicated to feline health.

3. American Association of Feline Practitioners

These are the cat vets, specialists who have spent years learning about the needs of cats. The have a great cat owner section on their web site.

4. International Cat Care

This is a charity dedicated to cats and cat care, again some great cat care advice.

5. Veterinary Partner

This is the public branch of a veterinary group called VIN. The site is searchable and provides good information about cats and other pets.

If you have a question or concern that isn’t addressed by these sites, please feel free to give us a call (613) 354-2330.