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What is Free Vaccines for Life?

     We believe the annual check-up is the cornerstone of good health care for all pets. This visit allows us to prevent disease, or detect it early. Early detection results in less pain and illness, and gives us the option of earlier (and often less costly) diagnostics and treatments. 

     We believe the best and most modern care involves minimizing the vaccines your pets receive, while still protecting them from disease. We can do this by carefully discussing and assessing the risk for each individual pet, and by using extended vaccination intervals.

     In order to encourage and reward our best clients for helping us take care of your pets, we will now be offering the Free Vaccines For Life program.


     - Pay a one-time enrollment fee for each pet

     - Agree to have a yearly wellness exam done for each pet on the program (excludes sick pet visits)


     - Discuss any health concerns, disease & vaccine risks your pet may have during the annual wellness exam

     - Give the appropriate vaccinations they need at no extra charge (Boosters if needed are not included)

     As partners, we can provide the best care possible for your pets, minimize their risk of infectious disease, AND minimize the risk of vaccine reactions. It's best for them if we work together to keep them healthy.

Please Be Aware:

     The enrollment fee is non-refundable. The pet must have a healthy pet exam at the time of vaccination at least every 12 months. The program is NOT transferable to any other pet or a new owner of the same pet. The program includes pets of any age (ie puppy/kitten to senior dogs/cats). No additional services are included in the program beyond vaccinations (ie No medications, testing or exam fees). No other discounts apply. (ie Senior, Multi-pet, etc)